Artist’s Statement

“Being in landscape” is usually the starting point. I respond to it by making sketches and paintings on location, wondering at the immense forces of geology, wind and rain which go to construct our environment. The great colourist painters of landscape such as Cezanne, Matisse, and the Expressionists inspire me. The writings of Merleau Ponty about perception inform how I experience the landscape – its mood, and ineffable unpredictability.

Landscape narrates the story of its creation, and of mankind’s existence upon it. The drawings are spontaneous and emotional and often flirt with abstraction. The experience is deeply subjective and reflective. Colour and gestural mark-making express a sense of the place, the mood and atmosphere.

These rapid spontaneous responses are translated into glass – a notoriously ‘slow’ material. The glass is etched, engraved and sandblasted, it is then ainted with enamels and fired in the kiln many times to achieve rich and luminous colour.

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