Indian sketchbook 2020


February 2020 – staying in a familiar place among friends in Kovalam before the unfamiliar of the pandemic struck. I didn’t know that this was the last carefree time for a long time; but it was very hot and I was quite tired and so I decided to stay put and not rush around as much as usual and spend some time with my sketch book – mainly using Indian charcoal pencils and some pen and ink.

Days were structured with a Feldenkreis workshop early morning and swimming and then dinner later in the day. The middle of the day was for sleeping, reading and drawing – absorbing all the colours, structures and sounds of the jungle surrounding the house.

The drawings turned into paintings – but these were the initial ideas and inspirations for them

“Sunday morning listening to the drumming and singing in the distance – yet another temple festival – a light breeze rattling the palm trees together, tuk tuk hooting in the lane, crows chatting and a loud trilling sound from two coil birds calling each other from the trees. ” – from my sketchbook


Pacific ocean rolling in – too dangerous to swim today……


Crows on the beach

shiny black feathers beady eyes, scavenging on the tide line

Fishermans hut

Jungle drawings – banana leaves swaying in the afternoon breeze bright green and yellow – almost luminous like stained glass when the sun is strong

In the jungle at Mitraniketan School – crows and snakes rubber trees and black pepper – very rural and hot

Samudra beach between the palm trees and the ocean

On the train to Cochin – 2nd class air conditioned

He signed my drawing – he was very pleased with it !

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